Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thirsty Thursday?

Almost every week I hear on the radio when driving to work about Thirsty Thursday. So today I thought I'd Google it to see what I would get. And it was amazing how much stuff was on the web. I guess Thirsty Thursday was a bigger deal then I ever imagined! Here is some items that caught my eye.

One person on Urban Dictionary wrote:
Pioneered by business school students who don't have class on Friday like everyone else. Thirsty Thursday's is the worship of the gods of alcohol intoxication with limited consequences. Most important at colleges with a high commuter to on campus population ratio.
The best parties on campus are on Thirsty Thursdays.

And here another writes about make up on Thirsty Thursday with a blog on College Candy:
Nobody wants their makeup to wear off early, especially on a Thirsty Thursday like tonight. Unfortunately, that’s what often happens when you pile on the party makeup and the results are, well, messy. Droopy lashes, smeared liner and lip-gloss on your chin are definitely not good accessories for your party look.

Ha! Even Amazon has something on Thirsty Thursday! Where have I been?

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  1. hmm TGIF tomorrow? I have heard of people starting the weekend early. Do they still call Wednesday hump day?

    Please drop by A few clowns short