Tuesday, May 5, 2009

As I Promised, More Pictures

Although Kathy wants to go off to college to be an accountant, she is very into dance! This is a pose of her wearing her Tap Costume. I just love the red dress and diamond choker together. The choker was a last minute add on! But it made a nice finishing touch!

Sorry, I cut the one girl's head off! Why does she have to be so dang tall? This is their jazz costume. Kathy is the one standing on the left.
Kathy's dance instructor Skip managed to sneak into the picture. Skip is a great guy!

This year they will be doing Swan Lake. I think you already figured that one out with the feathered headpiece.

Well, I'm off to work soon! Another fun filled day at The American Red Cross!

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  1. The photos are gorgeous. She is very talented. I had put my oldest daughter in dancing when she was 5 but she never wanted to pursue it. My youngest never showed interest, she was more into sports. I had always wished I was talented enough to do ballet, but I never was.