Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Lazy Sunday Morning

This morning I laid in bed trying to decide weather to get out or just linger a little bit longer and snuggle under the covers. Glancing out the window, I can see that it is another dreary morning for the sky is gray and the ground is wet from last night's rain.

Downstairs I hear my Puggles being restless and wanting to go out to do their business. Well, that made up my mind! Better let those two out! They have a way of keeping me on a tight schedule!

We have this every morning ritual. Get up, put on the coffee, let the dogs out and feed them. If anyone who owns a Puggle, they will agree that these creatures and continuously hungry! Only after a few months of having them, I found out that I had to start limiting their food. They are like little eating machines! You can check them out on my other blog:

OK, that's taken care of. Now the next big question is - Church or No Church. I swear I have the two characters on my shoulders like you see in the cartoons. You know, the cute little devil on one side and the little cupid looking angel on the other. The little devil says, "Hey, you deserve to stay home and relax!" And the little angel says "Up and Adam, Get your butt to church!" It seems that every Sunday morning I go over this conflict, but in the end I usually will head off to church. And believe me, I'm far from being perfect!

1 comment:

  1. Isn't funny how, when you go to church, the "little angel" is quite, but the "little devil" keeps nagging.

    But when you stay home, the "little devil" is quite. And the "little angel" is nagging.

    I guess what it comes down to then, is which one can you put up with? Or, which one do you want to torture? ;)