Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Pancake Tradition

Today was a nice, peaceful quiet Sunday afternoon. I had my granddaughters spend the night last night. In the morning we did our usual Sunday morning ritual of making pancakes. This has been a family tradition passed down from when I was a child that was passed down from when my mother was a child. So you can see, we are very proficient at making pancakes!

I think it is cool that families have traditions like this. Building childhood memories that will last the rest of their lifetimes. And when my granddaughters grow up, I am sure that they will pass this tradition down to their family some day. Already I have them mixing and stirring the ingredients. In a few years they will be pouring the batter and flipping the pancakes! This is a rite of passage as far as the pancake tradition goes.

I hope that your family has a tradition too! Don't be afraid to let a comment on what it could be!

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  1. love pancakes - my wife makes some great buttermilk ones. We started going out to pick blueberries (she makes a great sauce - but you knew I was going there) every year with the kids but we are just getting to the stage where one of the grandkids can pick them. So as kids grow and move it's not as easy to keep the routine going.

    One reason I stopped by was to invite you a challenge over on my blog. But just a short while ago a reader answered the question. Take a look you'll still like the travel picture.