Thursday, June 4, 2009

Views On Aging

Like I said in an earlier post that I have been dealing with an aging father who will require the use of a wheelchair. You know one of the hardest things in life is watching a loved one age. To watch them go from a strong vigorous body to practically handicapped person barely able to get around on their own. So many times in the past I've watch people say that they are waiting until retirement to do this or to do that. And when that final milestone gets there, they either no longer have the health, or their love one is in poor health, or the money is no longer there due to rising health care cost, and the list can go on and on.

So these past few days have found my brother and I building a wheelchair ramp in hopes of our father returning to his home. His last fight to keep his Independence.

In the past I use to take care of the elderly. One thing I did seem to notice a lot is a person either keeps their mind and their body goes to pieces or they keep their body in good shape and their mind goes. Very few seem to be able to have both. I often wonder what is in store for me and the rest of the family. Will the advances of medicine be in time for us we reach those golden years which I must say don't seem so golden.


  1. putting things off until this or that - doesn't always work. Of course burning the candle at both ends isn't such a great idea.

    Is your brother nearby to help with your dad? Does your dad have good stories to share?

    My father passed away suddenly and my mother (years later) gave us some precious time together before she left. That time was golden.

    all the best to your dad and your family.